Community Report

FOHTA is delighted to present its first Community Report detailing the major activities involved in our summer pilot, the Summer of Innovation Camp. We bring the community center concept to child safe environments including schools and churches where we are invited to team to create a better learning outcome. FOHTA is part of the movement within education circles that believes hands on activities and team learning enhance curiosity and increase motivation. When coupled with career planning or dream mapping and STEM subjects you create a recipe for the future success of under-served youth. FOHTA plans to open centers in 13 locations around the country.

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  1. I am the founder and president of a youth sports organization who`s focus is to steer our player toward collegiate play and furthering their education. Our greatest challenge is getting the community (Locally and worldly) to contribute toward their success. My personal philosophy is if we don’t try to help these inner city youths positively now , then get ready to the negative results in the future. Our program has grown 500% in one year because of the need to help inner city youths find programs that will sponsor them. I am from a major city (Houston) but spend 90% of my time fundraising for our kids. We have come up with some pretty creative ways like an Ebay page where donors can donate items instead of money. BUT WE ALWAYS COULD USE MORE HELP.

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