FOHTA’s History

From One Hand To AnOTHER Inc. (FOHTA) was founded by internationally renowned musical artist and producer Pharrell Williams in 2008, because he believed that every child could be a success if only they had the right tools. Once Pharrell started traveling abroad utilizing his talents and gifts, he realized that this incredible opportunity of seeing the world was something he never had before. He realized that there were so many others who were not afforded the same opportunities. There was so much more outside of the neighborhood, within the world, that could grant amazing experiences, exposure to different cultures, ways of thinking and opportunities to broaden one’s education. That discovery changed his life and is the reason he created educational opportunities for others. Pharrell believes that every community with under-served youth should have access to activities and programs devoted to augmenting their learning experiences, and providing exposure to different technologies, arts, and resources. Pharrell says, “Our organization, From One Hand To AnOTHER, is committed to bringing kids experiences that ignite their passions, challenge their minds and prepare them for success.”

Since 2004, Pharrell has been a benefactor for programs in Virginia Beach including the Back to School Supplies donation program and the distribution of Thanksgiving turkeys to residents of the neighborhood in which he grew up and other surrounding areas.

In 2008, FOHTA launched our first Summer of Innovation camp in affiliation with NASA as part of President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” STEM initiative. A phone call Dr. Williams had with Astronaut Leland Melvin started a fireball of collaborations that encompassed those of the same interests: broadening our youth’s education, exposure to varied experiences, and creating a bond between community and business partners, all in the name of having a common goal. In its inception, we offered free after-school and Summer of Innovation and S.T.E.A.M.M. camps to children in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area.

We are proud to have completed 2016 summer camps with approximately 1,000 students enrolled at 16 locations across two states. Summer of 2017 has proved to be our biggest expansion yet, launching camps in Compton, CA; Phoeniz, AZ; San Jose, CA; St Louis, MO; Bronx, NY and Tampa, FL. As we continue to expand, our goal is to nurture the importance of education and create an academically centered, technologically advanced, and globally focused future generation of individuals.


  1. Jon-Mikol Rankin says:

    I think FOHTA is one of the best idea’s since the computer. I feel that this organization is needed all over the world and it will improve the lives of many. FOHTA will change the world for better and also put a smile on God’s face to see children given a new opportunity to use their full ability to do something constructive and useful with their time. I believe this is a door to a new and innovative future that’ll not only allow kids to be successful but also to create unity and love with one another on a level that is far out of this world.

    1 love with God at the center of life is purpose and I know FOHTA will give that purpose to many lives.
    i am OTHER

  2. Nicole Green says:

    I think this is fantastic! I grew up in Detroit and I completely agree with Pharrell, in saying that if children had the right tools, then maybe they could be the success they were destined to become. I am just finding out about FOHTA, I was not a fan of Pharrell until recently. And this contributes to me becoming a fan! I am a mother of 4 daughters and understand the importance of education. The mission statement is very powerful, changing kids one at a time by giving them the tools & resources needed….I’m truly impressed with this and Pharrell, you have won over a new supporter!!

  3. Artoni says:

    This is exactly what is needed in the inner-cities to get kids off the corners & into creative environments enabling them to discover & uncover their full potentials.
    Love it.

  4. […] to announce that he’s parting with his gift to the Web, and will auction off the hat for From One Hand to AnOTHER, a charity he founded with the ambitious mission to “change the world one kid at a […]

  5. […] to announce that he’s parting with his gift to the Web, and will auction off the hat for From One Hand to AnOTHER, a charity he founded with the ambitious mission to “change the world one kid at a […]

  6. […] to announce that he’s parting with his gift to the Web, and will auction off the hat for From One Hand to AnOTHER, a charity he founded with the ambitious mission to “change the world one kid at a […]

  7. Greta Setian says:

    Hi, I am from Los Angeles County Summer Youth Employment Program and very interested to speak with you regarding our work experience program to the underserved and disadvantage youth in Los Angeles County. I am reaching out to you because I recently became aware of this foundation and the great things you do. Are your services only in the East Coast? the youth in Los Angeles County need a lot of help and I am not sure if you provide your services here too? Please let me know if you are interested in working with us toward the same goal of changing lives one kid at a time.
    Thank you in advance and kudos to you for the great job you do.

  8. […] revealed on Twitter that the money from the sale will go to the charity One Hand to AnOTHER, but, fortunately for losing bidders, there are many, many more chances to win Pharrell’s […]

  9. […] Vivienne Westwood “Jelly Mould” hat on eBay, with all the proceeds going towards to the One Hand To AnOTHER […]

  10. […] Vivienne Westwood “Jelly Mould” hat on eBay, with all the proceeds going towards to the One Hand To AnOTHER […]

  11. […] Vivienne Westwood “Jelly Mould” hat on eBay, with all the proceeds going towards to the One Hand To AnOTHER […]

  12. […] of cash that will now be making its way to fund the programs of Pharrell’s children’s charity One Hand to AnOTHER.  It will also be interesting to see if Arby’s works their new prize possession into an ad […]

  13. Yianette Rivera says:

    WOW!!! this is so true if every parent thought like that. to give their kids the tools to be successful in a honest way this world would be different!!! I hope this organization becomes worldwide bringing families hope for the future of the earth. POSITIVE AND HAPPINESS IS THE KEY. CONGRATULATIONS PHARRELL WILLIAMS AND ASSOCIATES!!!

  14. Abdul-latif.shakur says:

    The youth is being forgotten but they are strategically uneducated because
    Of resources and limited wherewithal in even the smallest low income community. What Pharrell has established is a unique situation and that is nonprofit so his sentiments are genuine, and I applaud his efforts. If every public figure would establish this in his own community this would make a commendable difference I support and and salute Pharrell and the staff keep up the exceptional work!!

  15. dominique says:

    this is, what the world needs, in every country of the world, because children are the future, our all future! education is the key, with an ethic motivation and a pure heart!
    there is so much potential, we have to give our children the tools and the selfconsciousness to succeed! every step makes the difference, every kid makes a difference!
    i am very happy about this movement, bless you, pharrell and you all!!!

  16. The unmatched mission of FOHTA has inspired me to appoint of tendering in my humble request of you stretching your love to the children of Africa. I am the Program Director of Women And Children’s Empowerment Network in Africa.

    We have a number of individual sponsors across the USA and UK.

    You are most welcome to Uganda, East Africa.

  17. Theresa Redmond says:

    I just read news about this summer’s upcoming Summer of Innovation Camp coordinated by FOHTA. I read that the camp was designed to spark student interest in STEM, which is GREAT, but I wanted to suggest that you consider adding an “A” for STEAM. The “A” is for “Arts,” the inspiring and engaging forgotten subject of our 21st century schools. Many STEM programs are beginning to recognize the value of STEAM. Think of how many great scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians were also ARTISTS! (daVinci, Galileo, etc.) I hope you consider keeping the arts alive in your programs.

  18. Christopher Mcbee says:

    A little comfort knowing that powerful people can do truely good selfless things.

  19. Connie Young says:

    I think what you are doing is amazing. I am a teacher of young children. I have taught in public schools for 20 years and it is so refreshing to see entertainers and educators reach children and give them a future. I have a son in computer science and is amazing young man. I would like to know how he can apply to help him with his future.

  20. Ashley Selman says:

    It is such a pleasure to be a part of a successful and rewarding program such as FOHTA! I enjoy the students and the wonderful staff who do such an amazing job organizing.

  21. Silvana Silverman says:

    I am a volunteer with the Union of jewish Women in Cape Town. Just saw Pharrell’s show last night September 21 2015 and have become an immediate fan and follower. I am involved with a Christian organization in the gangster area of Blue Downs where they have an after care centre for a few hundred children, to keep them safe and give them hope. we are in the process of setting up a centre for homework studies and gangster re-habilitation. i would love to visit your project when next in the US. thank you Pharrell for coming to South Africa, we LOVE you and felt your warmth and love as you felt ours. also wonderful to know that you are such a caring God loving human being.

  22. Chirindja Patrick says:

    I am so much enchanted to get to learn about FOHTA. to be honest what i beleive in providing the children with tools and oppotunities to reach their potentials is exactly what FOHTA shares. its always been my passion and what i want is to initiate FOHTA in my Country the DR Congo cause Congolese children need help from the volonteers. keep that up

  23. bart tuthill says:

    we really need this in portsmouth !!!

  24. Elizabeth C. Isley says:

    My friend, Joy, and I are retired educators, and saw a blurb for FOHTA in a magazine. We were so impressed with the mission- and the motivational aspect of this organization that we wanted to support your efforts- wholeheartedly!!

    Please accept our donations for your continued striving toward your goals of giving children the tools they need to get a “leg-up” in education in their fields of interests!! WE applaud you, and will hope that you facilitate learning leading to meaningful and fulfilled lives for ANY child needing help !! Thank you! Thank you!! Elizabeth Isley and Joy Page- in North Carolina

  25. Ronnie Mills says:

    Pharrell is to be commended for starting this incredible organization. FOTHA is needed “for such a time as this”. It is important more than ever that we encourage and provide programs for our youth that lets them know that they are capable of reaching amazing careers in the STEAM field and also that they can be a source of continuous positive change in their communities.

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