Why Are We Needed?

America is one generation away from disaster. 25% of Americans who start high school do not graduate. Those entering the workforce without a high school diploma face an unemployment rate three-and- a-half times the rate of those with a college degree. The following nations now have a larger percentage of college graduates than the U.S.: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Without an educated workforce, U.S. Corporations will need to go overseas to fill the jobs we need to run our economy in the next 20 years.

We Need to Give Our Children the Tools to Succeed.


  1. Brenda Begay says:

    I am really interested in the STEAMM; I live on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in central eastern Arizona. Through my work at the Tribal Environmental Protection Office, we see a lot of high school students either not interested in science/math/engineering fields or they are not familiar with what is available to them. We, a group of Tribal members with college degrees, are trying to steer more high school students into these fields by providing one-on-one assistance (as basic as filling out college applications, college financial forms, taking them to local AZ universities and colleges, etc) or providing basic 1-week internships with our natural resource programs (to get them exposed in these type of fields). So far, some have taken interest but there is definitely a lot of work we still need to continue. Thank you.

  2. Megan says:

    This seems like an amazing program, and a very much needed one. I’m still looking through this website, I would like to figure out how to get involved. I live in Westover, WV, I really think the kids in my area could benefit from something like this. I know I certainly could have. Keep up the awesome work! I really hope this program takes off the way it deserves to.

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