November 2016 Meeting Minutes


Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016
Time: 10:00AM
Location: 253 Town Center Dr. Virginia Beach VA 23462

Present:         Dr. Carolyn Williams, Stacey Lopez, Joshua Head, Robin Frank, Dollie McCown, Marco Martin, Dalia Bassett, Brandon Stokes, Dr. Waddell, Bob Miller

Absent:          Dr. Michael Summers

Call to order: Meeting was call to order at 10:07AM by Dr. Carolyn Williams.


Reading and Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of the Wednesday, June 28, 2016 meeting of the FOHTA Board of Directors were amended and approved as printed and distributed to the members of the board.

Bob Miller made the motion of the minutes and seconded by Stacey Lopez. All agreed and the motion was passed.

Opening Remarks

Dr. Williams introduced Dalia Bassett to the board. Dalia worked with us this past summer as a Head Administrator and did an excellent job. She has previous experience in event planning, teaching, marketing, and training development. She previously worked at A.R.E., Courthouse Academy and Preschool.

Items to be voted on

Appointment of Board of Directors– The following candidates were chosen as Board of Directors for a one year term. Pharrell Williams, Dr. Carolyn Williams, Stacey Lopez, Robin Frank, Dr. John Waddell and Brandon Stokes.

Dr. Williams made the motion and seconded by Dr. Waddell. All agreed and the motion was passed.

Appointment of the Officers of the Corporation– The following candidates were chosen as Officers of the Corporation for a one-year term. Board Chair – Dr. Carolyn Williams, Treasurer and Secretary – Stacey Lopez.

Dr. Williams made the motion and seconded by Dr. Waddell. All agreed and the motion was passed.

Appointment of the Advisory Board – The following have been nominated for a one-year term Joshua Head, Marco Martin, Dollie McCown, Bob Miller, Dalia Bassett and Dr. Michael Summers.

Dr. Williams made the motion and seconded by Dr. Waddell. All agreed and the motion was passed.


Amend the bylaws for the fiscal year from June to July to January to December.

Dr. Williams made the motion and seconded by Stacey Lopez. All agreed and the motion was passed.

Dr. Williams made the motion to add one or two young adults to our Advisory board seconded by Stacey Lopez. All agreed and the motion was passed.

FOHTA Vision

To continue with the great job that we are doing, to grow and touch more students. We have grown to date by word of mouth and our goal is to continue to spread the word and expand into different locations.

Updates/New Business

Dr. Williams and Stacey Lopez had the opportunity to visit the new Campostella (STEM Academy) School. Dr. Ambrose has been so kind to offer her school for teacher training this summer.

Pharrell Williams was the artist in residence at NYU’s Tisch School of Music. FOHTA had the opportunity to have five students apply to the summer program. Three of the five received scholarships, one of the three was the top applicant for the program and two were on the waiting list.

Pharrell Williams co-produced and scored the music for the new movie Hidden Figures coming out about the female mathematicians at NASA. FOHTA students will have an opportunity to go to the advanced screening at Langley and at Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, FL. Dr. Williams will be moderating a panel of Modern Figures with an attendance of over 300 students in Florida.

We have blasted out an email to all FOHTA students regarding a contest PEPSICO and Fox are promoting called Search Hidden Figures. The students can apply to win up to $200,000.00 in prizes and scholarships.

Bob Miller shared with us that Ben Davenport talked with Virginia Beach Visions about the new terabyte cable that’s coming into Cape Pendleton and they are striving for every student in (Middle or High) to have an Ipad or tablet and provide internet access throughout all of Virginia Beach.

Treasurers Report

2016 expenses totaled $572,000.00 minus 100,000.00 in legal fees.

Enterprise has donated $1,000 and a board member has donated $800.00. Mythics donated last year and are looking to donate again this year. Statewide Commercial has offered to organize a golf tournament for FOHTA where we receive 100% of the proceeds. It is their initiative to give back and have picked FOHTA to give back too. Tentative date is in September 2017.

COO Report

FOHTA had 15 sites this summer (HU Elem and Middle, FWM, NSJ, Broad Creek, Bayside, Newtown, BFW, Attucks Theater, Cooke, Titusville, Ruffner Middle , EMA, Petersburg, Campostella, Newtown Parks and Rec). We had approximately 1050 students this summer.

Students went on educational fieldtrips thanks to Pastor Ray and Men of Faith for the transportation. Some include the Aquarium, Attucks Theater, The Living Museum, ODU, etc…..

Guest Speakers– Thank you to Bob Miller for coming out and instructing a workshop on bridge building. Some include Clark Nexsen, Wellsfargo, Dr. Bristow (author of a children’s picture book), Myron Campbell (wrote a children’s book named Melvin), Gianni Graham (9 years old who collects dolls and gives them to the kids at the homeless shelter, and Astronaut Leland Melvin.

Graduations were at each site this year as oppose to having it in a large venue. It made it very intimate for the students, which allowed them to showcase what they learned over the summer.

New curriculum

Forensic Science- Norfolk Police Dept. volunteered to teach the students crime scene investigation at Ruffner Middle.

Stop Motion– an animation technique that is captured one frame at a time to make a cartoon.

Pixton– illustrate, write, and build characters to make a cartoon.

Dance- we considered Attucks Theater our Arts camp by offering 3 hours of dance daily.

New Business

FOHTA will be giving out turkeys tomorrow Sunday, November 20, 2016 in Atlantis Apartments.

In December, Shaggy has been so gracious to donate two buses full of toys to the FOHTA students. These items will be distributed then.

Interested 2017 summer camp sites

  • Sherman, TX.
  • Portsmouth, VA.
  • Richmond, VA.
  • Titusville, FL (Middle School)
  • South Carolina

Next Board Meeting

Next board meeting will be in March.


Meeting adjourned at 11:25PM.


Respectfully submitted by,
Stacey Lopez
Board Secretary