FOHTA Board Member’s Achievement

Dr. M. Gail Derrick was recently elected to the Fulbright Association Board of Directors.

She also served a term on the Board of Directors for the Fulbright Academy, a Fulbright alumni organization that helps connect scholars to institutions for research. Having written for international publications, presented papers worldwide, her term of office on the Governance Committee of the Board begins January 1, 2014.


  1. Tish Nance-Sproson says:

    Do you have any interest in expanding out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland? We live in Queenstown, Maryland (mid-shore area). I am lay leader at our United Methodist Church and I have a bunch of beautiful youth that have a lot of God-give energy and talent ant they need to work AND they need to have a greater purpose than just themselves; not to mention all the other beautiful youth in our area that are not connected to our church!!:)
    BTW – I love your song:):)

  2. Hello.
    My name is January and I am the Director of Development for Horizons Hampton Roads. We are a local non-profit that inspires young minds through proven innovative summer enrichment programs in which low income children are challenged academically, socially and physically to meet with greater success in school and life. I recently discovered your compassionate work from all the media coverage on Pharrell’s hat! I am so excited to have found your foundation. We do similar work in Hampton Roads for the same population of children you aim to reach. The need is great in our region. I would really like to meet with your Development Team or point of contact to discuss potential partnerships. We service many children in the area during the summer, but also started a school year program this year. Together, we may be able to service more children and impact our communities in a greater way!

    Best regards,
    January Serda

  3. Dear Pharrell— I Like your work and Your Spirit!!!!! Here is a poem that I wrote that I am hoping will resonate with YOU. I Believe YOU are one of the Artists who are taking a leadership position in helping make a better World.

    (c) Melony McGant

  4. Tonya Shoffner says:

    It’s a rewarding experience as an elementary educator, to motivate, stimulate and inspire the minds of our young students. Our class adopted the “Happy” Song to start our day! I have been blessed to be apart of their growth, however, once the school year is over, summer begins and many students don’t receive reinforced educational instruction.
    I would love to come to the aide of the small community of Liberty, NC in which I live and establish a learning center that will build vocabulary, reading, math and science skills. Please FOHTA, help!

  5. YouthUSA says:

    We commend FOHTA for your vision, mission and work. A collaboration with our national 501c3 public charity could provide additional tools to enhance our mutual interests and maximize our resources on behalf of youth. We look forward to working with you.

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