ThinkGreen Project: Students React

Remember, Ms. America 2013 visited the school in May and gave students words of encouragement. Listen to them in their own words what they obtained from FOHTA’s program.

“This is a stellar example of what Partners in Education can do for kids”

– Melissa McQuarrie, personal testimony, July 9, 2013



    Hello from an Italian’s little Enterprenour to everybody of the Staff of FOHTA, Respect and Onor to the Valuable Huge Work you doing and, in particular, to the unic Person Pharrell Williams is demostrating to be and messages is spreading to everyone is follwing him, Gladness.
    In that difficult moment of our Italian Economy and Social Working your Projects and Foundation is being a Precious Inspiration and a Godness Message as encouragement for Me not only as a Enterprenour but , most of all, as a Father of 3 years old Wonderful Child.I hope one day or soon, better, to get in contact with someone of you and make a concret help to this Project: this a Real Mission of Life for our Childs and Planet..One God, One People and One Big Planet Earth thats all we’ve got !!
    Respect and Have a Good days.
    Marco Barbieri- MACHERIO MB – Cardinal Ferrari 3 Street-20846-ITALY.

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