Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream

In what countries can you find this shoe collection/clothing line?

These exclusive clothing lines and footwear products can be found as Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. Currently added is Billionaire Girls’ Club. Highly identified logos such as ice cream cones (Ice Cream) and astronauts (Billionaire Boys Club) were used. Initially, the Ice Cream Shoe was packaged in a “ice cream” carton box.

Pharrell thanks fans for rocking shoe/clothing line…

Taken to another level, this shoe became signature for the Ice Cream Skate Team created by Pharrell (Skateboard P). The team consisted of: Jimmy Gorecki, Antonio Scalia, Jacob Walder, Pharrell Williams, Terry Kennedy, Kevin Booker and Cato Williams.

WOW, these ideas are indicative of thinking outside of the box and marketing your ideas.
What courses and preparations can you make to do similar things?

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