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How can young people come learn about culture?

A place where the first generation of young people with internet come together with a voice learn from each other across multi-cultures.

What courses and preparations can you make to do similar things?

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  1. Jerry Coney says:

    hello my name is Jerry and i like the i am other movement and me and my twin brother started homeystube.com about two years ago in the Dallas FortWworth area and is gettin some buzz here in the city and want to be apart of the movement that you guys are starting as well because we feel homeystube can bring something to the table also.
    Where a new hip urban like you tube and have a show called the lab where we spotlight un-signed and new artist that are up and coming.And want to take the show and the vision nationwide and would like to possibly do some networking with i am other and the you tube family….for more info please contact Jerry Coney one of the co-founders for homeystube.com at 817-716-7426 or email at jerry_coney@yahoo.com…..thanks once again and please respond back because we have a lot to offer you guys and the world….and please checkout the site HOMEYSTUBE.COM

  2. I am absolutely Impressed. Pharrell is my inspiration since I am 7 years old. He is a reason why I choosed Music Management & Artist Development study. He is a reason why I moved to different country to realize my dreams. My goal is working with Him in my life and make people feel better by the music and show people good things in life as charity and projects which are amazing like i am OTHER or 24hoursOfHappy.
    If he will read this one day, I hope he will be happy that his personality inspires me almost all of my life so far and he will realize how great he is! That everything what Pharrell is doing makes my life better everyday and helps forget about problems. Thank you so much!
    LOVE #24hoursofhappy

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