2019 S.T.E.A.M.M. Summer Camp Newsletter

“Education helps to even the odds.” – Pharrell


There are never enough words to express how much fun From One Hand To AnOTHER (FOHTA) has had before, during, and after each summer camp. Seeing and hearing about the positive impact our program has had from the students and parents is always the best part! To everyone who had a hand in making this program once again successful…THANK YOU!

Our schools, community partners/collaborators, individuals and groups coming together shows the strength in supporting the importance of providing diverse experiences, broadening horizons, and enhancing the education of our youth.

FOHTA’s mission and vision has created an educational foundation that Pharrell, the founder, has been proud of as well as its accomplishments. The labor of love by the FOHTA Board, staff, instructors, parents, and students have planted seeds. The fruits from these seeds represent the power of education that will continue to harvest for our youth. Thank you all for your continued support.

Carolyn Williams, Ed.D

Director of Education, From One Hand To AnOTHER



“Never be content with someone else’s definition of you”
From One Hand To AnOTHER
2019 S.T.E.A.M.M. Summer Camp Newsletter

From One Hand to AnOTHER’s 2019 S.T.E.A.M.M. Summer Camp was nothing short of amazing! From interactive and engaging curriculum–which included Media Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Science–to unique field trips and guest speakers, our Summer was full of opportunities of a lifetime for our 1,000+ campers.

Pharrell Returns Home To Inspire FOHTA Campers

“Dreams can lead you to great places.” – Pharrell

One of our exciting, and most popular highlights of the summer, was a visit from our founder Pharrell Williams. Pharrell first surprised campers at Atlantis Community Center which was extremely special because this is the same community where he grew up. Thanks to Leesa for providing mattresses to all the Atlantis campers. Following his visit at Atlantis, he then surprised the students at Attucks Theatre where he gave an inspirational speech about following your dreams. You can check out Pharrell’s visit to FOHTA below:

XQ Super School Challenges FOHTA High Schoolers To Rethink High School

FOHTA had the pleasure of partnering with XQ Super School this summer to give our high school students a unique and exclusive experience. XQ’s mission is all about giving students the opportunity to rethink high school in terms of what they want their school to look like, what type of teacher/student relationships are beneficial, and thoughts on the types of courses they want to take for their careers. Thanks to Dr. Marc Eckō, the founder of XQ Super School, and his staff, our high school students had a chance to have their voices heard in a student roundtable discussion!

See what the FOHTA students at Bayside High School and TCC Virginia Beach had to say about their XQ Super School experience.


TCC Virginia Beach:

Our high school campers were able to showcase their thoughts via a performance that was attended by Virginia Beach decision makers. Kudos to our students to taking action in having their voices heard!

Students Experience Hands On Learning about DNA + Blood Typing

“Dreams are important.” –  Pharrell

Lab coats, goggles, and an open mind were all the materials needed for this special workshop. Hosted by Dr. Katrina Carter, Practicing Pediatric Physician, FOHTA students had the chance to learn about DNA…using fruits! In a process called extraction, campers were able to understand how DNA is contained in different cells and learn about careers related to applied techniques from the activities.

For the blood type and transfusions workshop, students analyzed 4 different simulated patient samples and learned what will result in appropriate donor-recipient pairs for a blood transfusion. It’s never too early to explore careers in Science!

FOHTA Shows ‘Sweet Compassion’ To The Homeless

“Education is a means to get you wherever you want to go in life.” –  Pharrell

During the summer, we’re all about curriculum, but we’re also about community! In between their activities, students spent some of their time packing lunches for the homeless for the Sweet Compassion Project.

Not only were lunches in the bags, but they also added $1.00 inside each bag as a gesture of kindness to those less fortunate.

Teaching students about giving back and helping those in dire situations is a life skill that can be used forever.

Reading, Painting, and Exploring…A Camp Favorite!

“Anything is possible.” – Pharrell

Sometimes, you just prefer reading over technology!

Exploring and learning life saving skills is a way to ensure our campers are prepared in any situation.

Field trips provide an opportunity for students to explore their curiosity.

Students had the opportunity to paint birdhouses for a community project with MOCA/VIBE District. These birdhouses will be on display at the 2020 Something In The Water Music Festival in the Vibe District!

FOHTA Theatre Students Perform for 100th Anniversary of Crispus Attucks Theater

Attucks Theater celebrated their 100 year anniversary this October and our theatre students had the opportunity to perform a special piece for the community attendees! Their play–which was curated this summer by FOHTA theatre instructor Theodore Holmes–was about students having the right to fight for and follow their dreams. Kudos to our students for using their talents far beyond the summer!

From One Hand To AnOTHER thanks all of the staff, students and partners for an amazing 2019 summer camp. We can’t wait to see you all again next summer!



**From One Hand to AnOTHER Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides free summer enrichment camps to students. You can help keep our camps free to students by making a tax-deductible donation at www.fohta.org/donate


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