Children Receive, Give Gifts

Dozens of students in Virginia Beach learned a lesson about giving back during the holiday season.

From WAVY:

Dozens of students at Newtown Elementary in Virginia Beach learned a lesson Wednesday about giving back during the holiday season.

It’s an extension of the “From One Hand to Another” program they participated in over the summer founded by Pharrell Williams.

From Barbie dolls to monster trucks, every child had an opportunity to pick out something they really enjoyed.

The catch is they must also pick a toy for someone else, like a loved one, a friend, or someone they don’t know who they think could use some holiday cheer.

Project manager Stephanie Walters said the kids did not know what was going to happen, but she is impressed with how well they reacted to giving someone else a gift for a change.

“They are actually really excited, because sometimes they have a friend who might not get anything for Christmas or they don’t want to go home and have a little brother or sister who didn’t get anything,” Walters said.

This is the second day the organization will be delivering gifts in Hampton Roads. Over the next two days they will be visiting five more schools.

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